The route of the white villages

31 de enero de 2020 0

Make the most of a weekend trip this winter, come south and travel along the route of the white villages.

RondaRonda, Setenil de las Bodegas, Grazalema, Zahara de la Sierra, Gaucín, Arcos de la Frontera… You might have probably heard of these little villages on more than one occasion. I can guarantee that their beauty and uniqueness leave nobody indifferent. Its narrow streets, wrought irons, flower pots where the whitewashed walls contrasts with the nature they are surrounded by.Olvera

Scattered between the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Grazalema ,a region with a pass full of history where archaeological traces ranges from prehistorical settlements and rock painting, to Iberians vestiges, Roman roads and a Roman theater and all the important civilizations that left their mark here. However, the most part of the tour takes us through towns created during almost 800 years under the Muslim rule. This is why the heritage and the essence of the daily life of Al- Andalus still prevails in the labyrinthine urban layout of the twenty villages that conform the route.

The Hermitages, churches, towers, fortresses, mills, fountains and laundries along the tour will make you delve into Andalusian Soul.

We cannot forget the smell and flavour of those traditional dishes, they are both simple and authentic. Let the local people advise you.

SetenilArcos de la FronteraOur recommendation is spending at least 2 nights in the area and visit no more than 4 villages per day to be able to absorb all the unique charm and character of this mountain towns. Even more days if you are passionate about nature and want to expand your getaway with some outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. The road trip can be started from Cádiz, Sevilla or Málaga.
Judge yourself and enjoy some of the picturesque scenaries the road trip will offer.